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VR is where we are going.

Recently, I spent and afternoon at the #Siggraph expo in Los Angeles. This is a computer graphics convention and was very impressed with what I saw. I think that the shoe was 30% hardware, which was video cards and graphics cards, 10% was cloud rendering and the remainder %60, was virtual reality.

Set Construction

Recently we had a project where we needed to replace some testimonials in english with new testimonials in spanish. With a small budget we constructed a living room set in our studio. Here are some of the images and needless to say, the testimonials came out great and the client was very happy.  

Our YouTube Channel

[youtubegallery] Hoveround – My First Car|https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rqjI8vnICc Aluma Wallet|https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhYg4MkJzEA Chef Basket|https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVWY6ilN5fo [/youtubegallery]

Sound is Gold

At Crexels, I do a lot of translation and dubbing for different projects. I have to translate the projects fro english to spanish. I can’t change any of the actual video and there is not much creative involved since the graphics have to be exactly the same. The only control that I have is the...

The 1st Noche de Los Cortos

What a great night it was. We are happy to have produce such a great event. The “1st Noche de Los Cortos” was a night of great short films, great food and awesome company. A great crowd showed up to enjoy 11 great short films.

iPad while Recording a VO

I have been inside a Recording studio for four days and it saddens me to see all the paper that it is wasted. Even though we recycle and use the paper on both sides. So last time I took a different route and a nicer one. Even the talent was happier. The only problem is...

“Cuidado con los Leftovers” Wins Telly Award

We just received or award letter. “Cuidado con los Leftovers” won a 2010 Telly Award. We are very happy that these awards demonstrates our commitment to our work and the quality of production Crexels delivers.

Winner: Best Short Film (Trailer)

Check out the trailer at LOS CORTOS via this link here

Shooting Green Screen with the RED

We had a great time shooting on a green screen on Thursday. I have to thanks the crew who were great and the entire day went without any problems. Thanks sooo much And I look forward to seeing the final product. [nggallery id=1]

Crexels’ Editing Setup

I am writing to get an opinion of what I have done. Crexels is a small company. We have two editing systems and a laptop that can edit if needed. All running Final Cut Studio 2. I wanted to create a server kind of setup where I can edit from any computer without the need...