Winner: Best Short Film (Trailer)

Check out the trailer at LOS CORTOS via this link here

Winner: Best Short Film

A little short film that I edited recently, which was directed by Peter Meech has been accepted in three festivals already. Kevin Farley and his brother John Farley play the main characters in this short film that was great to edit. I think that Peter did an amazing job in writing and directing the film....

Shooting Green Screen with the RED

We had a great time shooting on a green screen on Thursday. I have to thanks the crew who were great and the entire day went without any problems. Thanks sooo much And I look forward to seeing the final product. [nggallery id=1]

Oren Stambouli @ Venezolanos en Hollywood

Our dear friend Oren will be the guest at next monday meeting of Venezolanos en Hollywood. He has been working at Xbox on the 1vs100 show for a few years now. It is interesting that Oren is one of the founders of Venezolanos en Hollywood and now he is our special guest. Looking forward to...

A-Team on iTunes

As a boy in the 80’s there was nothing better than the A-Team. Fox has been working for a while on the film and the trailer is finally out. Here is the Apple Trailers LINK

Quickime X issue?

We are having a little coffution with QuickTime and hope that it is only something that QuickTime does and not a Final Cut problem. We ussually work with 19 bit uncompressed material and never had any problems exporting uncompressed QuickTime files. But recently I found out that after exporting an uncompressed proyect the info on...

Javier Navarrete @ Venezolanos en Hollywood

I am here at the montly meeting of Venezolanos en Hollywood. Today’s guest is Javier Navarrete (IMDB Link). He is a music composser, who was nominated for an Oscar for his work in “Pan’s Labyrinth”. Great speaker, an awsome talent and an amaizing career.

Crexels’ Editing Setup

I am writing to get an opinion of what I have done. Crexels is a small company. We have two editing systems and a laptop that can edit if needed. All running Final Cut Studio 2. I wanted to create a server kind of setup where I can edit from any computer without the need...

Apple iPad

Ok. iPad it out. Now what? I have been listening to expert in the gadgets field. Some of then can’t wait to get one, others will wait for Version 02. There are many good point on both sides. For the ones that will wait, they mentioned the lack of camera or the lack of multiprocessing....

A NEW Site

What a bummer…For the last two days I have been trying to fix the previous website. It got hacked and it was redirecting every page to different sites. Since I just couldn’t fixed it and the hosting company had just a 48 hour backup I decided to start fresh. Get everything out and start from...