Crexels, News, Post-Production / 03 Dec 2010
Sound is Gold

At Crexels, I do a lot of translation and dubbing for different projects. I have to translate the projects fro english to spanish. I can’t change any of the actual video and there is not much creative involved since the graphics have to be exactly the same. The only control that I have is the audio. For that, I take extremely good care that it is perfect.

The infomercials I have done are of course translations from english. There is no way to hide the fact that the audio and the movements of the mouth are different but when the audio is out of sync, when the levels are off and when there is no emotion on the new voices, it not only bothers the viewer but it also destroys all credibility and interest on what it is being said.

Audio is something that is very unconscious, you don’t pay attention when it is done right and that is the key. It makes the video pleasant and it adds so much to the experience.

The best example of how important audio is can be seen in horror movies. Just mute any horror movie and the horror is gone. The audio gives you a push to the edge of the seat.

It is the same with audio translation for infomercials. A show will not be great because people are paying attention to the audio but a show can be destroyed because the sound is bad.

What do you think?

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