Some news about what we do and other stuff

Argentinian Meat
31 Jan 2024

A couple of videos we did for BBQ Agency have reached hundred

Behind The Scenes Pooph
23 Dec 2022

Perfect day for a shoot in a park. Great day and awesome

Muro de la Hermandad
03 Aug 2020

El Muro de la Hermandad o the Friendship Mural is an art

03 Aug 2020

Recently, I found a contest by @DeepSleep4Jeep for the best background camping

Video for Daily Dose
30 Mar 2020

We did some post-production for Daily Dose, a company that produces hair

Shooting Infomercials
07 Feb 2018

We recently wrap a two day shoot for some infomercials for a

VR is where we are going.
08 Aug 2017

Recently, I spent and afternoon at the #Siggraph expo in Los Angeles.

Shooting Zyppah
19 Apr 2017

Awesome day shooting 3 spots for Zyppah. Incredible crew, lovely girls and some

Flips Audio Shoot
28 Oct 2013

These are some of the pictures of our latest production for Flips

New Logo and new look for the website
10 Oct 2013

What do you think? This is a new image for Crexels.  

Set Construction
12 Aug 2013

Recently we had a project where we needed to replace some testimonials

Open House this Thursday
30 Jul 2013

We are having an Open House this thursday, August 1st, for our

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