Crexels, News / 08 Aug 2017
VR is where we are going.

Recently, I spent and afternoon at the #Siggraph expo in Los Angeles.

This is a computer graphics convention and was very impressed with what I saw. I think that the shoe was 30% hardware, which was video cards and graphics cards, 10% was cloud rendering and the remainder %60, was virtual reality.

It is a clear indication of where the industry is going. When everything you see in a show like this one is VR, you can see what’s coming.

The problem I see right now is that most of what is happening in VR is games. And it make sense, games are easier to Port to VR since developers are already creating a 360 world for the games and a lot of people play games by themselves.

But I am looking for is the advertisement experience. How to integrate what we do, what I know into this upcoming medium? That is the question and the million dollar question.

VR tools are becoming more affordable and everyday there are more options for cameras and software to develop and deploy this new experience. At the moment we are testing 360° video and throwing away many shoots that don’t work. It is a very steep learning curve and we are taking those steps everyday.

Here is a behind the scenes video in 360° we shoot during commercial production.

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